Now For Sale ~ Original Art Printed on Shirts


NEW Crazy Cat Lady Tank Tops  $35 each



Men’s and Women’s Tshirts




Canadian Buck     $32


Geometric Lion   $32


Octopus and Anchor   $32


Geometric Whale  $32

All Tshirts are available in burgundy, heathered navy, heathered retro blue, heathered dark grey, heathered athletic grey, heathered green, heathered red (and I didn’t choose those colours because I liked the name…the heathered material is super soft with flecks of colour woven in)

If you are interested in purchasing a Tshirt feel free to message me at



This past year I can say without a doubt that I have grown in so many ways. Seeing the world has always fueled my zest for life, but like most people I have to work full time in order to pursue my passion. Life at home has a tendency to become mundane and with this monotony I feel like in the past I have not taken life by the balls and lived to my full potential. After returning from an amazing trip abroad I would always come home and slowly slip into a form of depression. That is why this year I said NO MORE! I am going to use that passion that I have for travel, tap into it, and ride that wave all year long. I am going to stretch my boundaries and comfort zones and pursue things that I once was too afraid to try. I am going to unleash my creativity and see where this will take me.

This is where The Urban Gypsy began. Sharing my experiences. Writing about my passions. And using my travels as inspiration for creating art, writing and photography.

This month I was honored to participate in my second ever craft market. Along with so many talented artisans I was able to showcase my work at the Curated Market.curated

At my booth I sold my art on canvas, Tshirts with my original art screen printed on them, enlarged photography from my travels, and mala jewelry. So much of what I make is directly inspired from what I see and the people I have met on my travels. To be able to share this with the market goers was truly a remarkable experience. Putting yourself out there and having your work be judged by others is incredibly nerve wracking. Being new to the art world I have never considered myself an ‘artist’. After my first market I felt like most of my sales were from friends. Even though I appreciate their support with all my heart, in the back of my mind I felt like they only bought my work because they felt obligated. But after this past Curated Market I had so many strangers talk to me and support me; which in turn has truly has helped build some confidence in myself and my work. I realize that if we don’t push ourselves out of comfort zones then we really deprive ourselves of becoming the best versions of who we are meant to become.


My booth at the 2016 Curated Holiday Market












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